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Leave An Ever Lasting Impression On Your Clients

We offer a cutting edge feedback tool that lets you hear from the people who matter


Prepare Your Team To Focus On Customers

Business are running in the most complex and rapidly changing environments and to stay ahead of the competition it is essential to equip your contact center teams to be able to build a connect with customers and gain their confidence. A solution oriented conversation with minimal iterations is ideally what the customer is looking for. The quality of service provided in stipulated time is crucial in creating the desired customer experience.


Zykrr Has The Capability To Make Your Job Easier

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” quote by Epictetus correctly conveys how important listening is over speaking. We enable your agents to listen, understand and respond to every call to create a great customer experience. Collect feedback from your agents and leadership to understand your customers better and create efficient processes.


Solution For All Your Dynamic Requirements

Zykrr helps you at creating process that can lessen the frustrations and bring in customer satisfaction. Bring improvement with every call. The text analytics can clearly identify the pain points enabling you to come up with an improvement plan. This in return will reduce unnecessary calls and also prevent the problems from reoccurring. Our tech can help you in all the phases from planning, solicit, analyze and all the way till taking action.


Zykrr For Customer Success

We help to break down and identify the factors that are weighing down your performance and the factors that are contributing positively in retaining customers and building relations. Providing consolidated assessment to resolve customer issues and reduce churn. Customer loyalty can be established by taking timely action on real time feedback. Daily collected feedback available for improvement and training immediately can keep you ahead of the curve and can help you in providing the desired value add to the customers.

What We Offer

Maximize your service levels by optimizing customer experience with uniquely customized technology for your contact center


Dashboards For Key Action Based Big Picture Metrics

  • An overview of customer feedback on real-time basis
  • Know your department wise detractors, promoters, passive split
  • Know your top performing areas to sustain
  • Identify the opportunities for improvement
  • Heat maps based on the real time consumer ratings. Routes get colored based on the performance
  • Escalation engine, helping reduce negative feedback

Smart Word Clouds/Tags For Easy Text Pattern Reading

  • We have one of the best Natural Language Processing Model leveraging variant of BERT. We not only recognize positive, negative and neutral, we are capturing fine-grained 5 Level sentiments for a more detailed analysis.
  • Our Entity Recognition technology captures entities based on the context and also captures sentiments around them.
  • A clear understanding of the responses and escalations will help you reach the solution and enable closing the feedback loop appropriately.

Pattern Analysis Through Beautiful Trend Lines And Comparative Analysis

  • The reports are specifically designed to understand the underlying patterns over a period of time.
  • Comparative analysis is a way for you to compare one school versus the other or one department versus others etc.
  • We develop our tools with a simplistic approach making them easy to deploy and integrate with your existent data sources. However, the simple tool is equipped with modern and innovative features that help to provide you with instant and incisive reports by analyzing the data from numerous touch points.

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.