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Improving Your CX

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customer experience (CX) is rapidly

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CX Matters

A couple of years ago, retail giant, Walmart released a series of...

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In Conversation With Tathagat Varma, Founder & CEO, Thought Leadership

Tathagat (a.k.a. “TV”) is a software professional by education, computer scientist by

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The Pen Unspoken

A flawless experience of a pen nurtured a bond in Red’s heart.

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Stop Ignoring Customers

High end technologies, ease of availability and affordable prices of products and

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Being Customer Centric

Acknowledging the fact that “we are clearly in the world where customer

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CX Is A Journey

"Customer Experience can never be consistent across any parameter that defines it." With

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Is Customer Experience Equivalent To Customer Service?

Take a few minutes to think about it. Are you able to distinguish

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May Be Your Customer Isn’t Trying To Save Money?

What delights your customer? Is it always to save money, find a

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