Distributor NPS (dNPS) to improve Agent Experience

Life Insurance

Problem Statement

Major Life Insurance leaders headquartered in North India wanted to check the pulse of their agents (new + existing) to understand their journey improvement and work process balance. It helped them understand the evolving expectations of a very important stakeholder in their organizations, the distributors.

How Zykrr delivered impact

  • Deployed a tightly integrated agent feedback system with a customized questionnaire for every touchpoint in the agent's lifecycle.
  • Created de-dupe logic to ensure the agents are not spammed and ensure the triggers are implemented wisely in order to bring active participation from the respondents.
  • Enabled top management and senior management to review NPS and CSAT at overall, product line, product type, department, and channel level.
  • Set up an integrated rule-based escalation management system for dis-satisfied agents to get back to the customers in a timely way.

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