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It is needless to stress on the importance of employees to an organization. The organization can thrive better when the environment is conducive and it helps the employee’s progress not just in the hierarchy but is able to develop his skills as well and experience enrichment in all spheres of his professional career. If an employee feels stagnant and the progress or development in his career is not at par with his expectations then there is a good chance of lower performance or attrition which invariably impacts the organization’s progress. Employee engagement is an essential factor in contributing to the continued well being of the company’s workforce.

What Is Employee Pulse Survey?

To understands this and to stay abreast of all that is impacting the employee, Pulse surveys assist in numerous ways. Employee Pulse Surveys are those surveys which are conducted frequently.

Employee Pulse surveys are short and frequent surveys that have very few questions but is able to address what the employee experience was within that period and gives the organization an insight into the work conditions that prevailed.

This is a great way to gauge employee morale and understand what is contributing positively and what is impacting negatively. Pulse surveys are very effective in giving a fast response and quick feedback cycles that can contribute in a huge way to the course of the organization’s performance.


How We Help

We at Zykrr understand the importance an employee holds for the organization. Our Employee Pulse survey tools are designed to address the questions that impact the employee in a larger way. Though we keep our questions short and less in number they are designed to understand the “Whys” and “Hows” of an employee’s performance and his take on the organization.

With our in-depth data analytics and text analytics, the comments are converted to give meaningful insights to address the issues that matter to the employee. It helps you derive actionable opportunities that can improve the work environment further to enhance employee morale.

We are one of the leading employee pulse survey software providers in the industry and we have a tremendous amount of experience to back our expertise. We offer uninterrupted customer assistance and our services are very cost-effective.

Our software’s are customizable to suit the needs of your organization and are absolutely secure. The easy to use interface is designed to be mobile as well as desktop-friendly making it easily accessible by the employees. The text analytics feature in our software interprets the feedback and converts them into comprehensive data that can be easily understood to get a clear understanding of the “Hows’” and the “Whys”. The statistical data that is generated gives you a clear picture of what the pulse of the organization is and what are the areas of improvement.


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