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Listen, engage and empower your employees to build a strong organization

Prepare Your Team To Focus On Customers

Often The Management Or The HR Is Unclear About:

1) What can keep the employees engaged and motivated?
2) What are the key influencers for employee retention?
3) What training and programs can bring in the desired value add?
4) What are the right questions that can capture the correct sentiment of the employees and are aligned with your company’s value?


Prominent Employee Surveys As Per Your Business Need

Curated by experts, Zykrr has surveys for all your specific needs. Our platform provides feedback management across departments. Staff satisfaction surveys, Employee engagement surveys, 360 degree feedback surveys, Performance surveys, Kiosk surveys, Mood surveys, Pulse surveys, IVR surveys, Joiners survey, Exit survey


Get Better With It

A transparent workplace with happy employees is what can empower your organization. Great employee experience created everyday will ensure a great experience for your customers and clients as well. For a greater impact the organizations need to go beyond engagement and address the problems effectively. Our feedback system with anonymity setting when leveraged with the right questions is your best tool to know what’s on your employees’ mind.


We Are Best At

Zykrr strives you to give the very best of the Employee Engagement Software possible by applying intelligent digital analytics and unparalleled expertise on the subject in a single platform. We can help you bring about a world-class employee environment by assisting you with our intricately designed Employee Engagement Software. Our software is customizable according to your business type and size making sure that no opportunity to derive a meaningful insight into employee engagement is missed.

We Are Your Employees’ Voice

Clear insights to help you create an employee experience that engages and retains

In-Patent Rating Design

In-Patent Rating Design

We have created a highly engaging and easy to use interface. Your employees will love our unique UI design and would be motivated to share their real experience.


Omni Channel System With Anonymity Setting

Collect feedback using tablet, kiosk, apps, web surveys, SMS or emails whatever mode works best for you. Use multiple devices in multiple languages to have a high conversion rate. The anonymity setting enables your employee to share the actual thoughts freely.


Integration With Other Data Sources

Zykrr is the simplest, easy to use and highly customizable tool which can be integrated with any of your data sources like Social Media, Emails, Website feedback, Tablets or Kiosks, Phone Calls/IVRs to give you an end to end solution

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.