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Employee Training Survey Tools

Employee training is an integral part for every organization and its effective implementation indicates well informed and skilled employee pool to enhance the productivity of the Organization. Employee training is also and an important part of the Learning and Development plan to keep the employee engaged and enhance their potential by providing training to upgrade their skills and working strategies.

We at Zykrr believe that training is a mode of employee engagement that is crucial not just for the employees, but for the employers as well. Our employee training surveys help you to determine the effectiveness of the training programs that were given and how they can be improved further to get maximum benefits out of these sessions.

Our Survey Tools

Our training survey tools are designed to help you assess the training model and understand if the training structure was accurate. The survey tools come with an engaging questionnaire that can help you gauge the effectiveness of the trainer, the course, and how far you have been able to meet the employee’s expectations.

With inbuilt data analytics in our assessing tools we help you get information on questions that impact your organization the most like the degree of employee engagement and contribution towards the learning and development of the individual employee, how satisfied the employee is with the upskilling effort and gives insights to understand and assess attrition and retention of employees in the organization.


How We Help

We are able to help you customize the training survey tools such that you are able to incorporate questions in that you consider crucial to gauge the trainer and you as an organization. Our team of experienced developers works with you closely to ensure that the survey tool meets with your desired expectations and gives you easy to understand and derive end results.

With the use of modern but simple intuitive survey and dashboard builder, we can help you get much more out of a training survey tool by customizing it as per your needs. You get real-time data delivered to understand the progress of the training and how the employees are responding to it. The insights can be automatically shared across the organization with the people to whom the outcome matters so that effective planning and designing of the training program can be undertaken if the need arises.

With the deep drive analytics that we specialize in incorporating into our survey tools you can have meaningful insight into each and every stage of the employee journey through the organization and how the training program contributes to the effectiveness of the employee and his decisions.

We help you with text and statistical analysis of the data that is derived from the numerous open text comments and ratings that are given by the employees during the surveys. It helps you identify the patterns or trends that impact the productivity and successful employee retention efforts that are implemented.


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