Transactional NPS (TNPS) To Improve Customer Experience

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General & Life Insurance

Problem Statement

Major General & Life Insurance Leader had a customer feedback system. However, they wanted to upgrade it to offer enhanced flexibility for new features, integrate with their internal systems, and provide mobile friendly ways to capture detailed feedback. The organization has pan-India customers and products across the three verticals of GI - Health, Motor, and Travel

How Zykrr delivered impact

  • Deployed a tightly integrated customer feedback system across 15+ touch points ranging from Website purchase to all channels of Customer Service
  • Set up an integrated rule-based escalation management system for dissatisfied customers to get back to them in a timely way.
  • Once the project was live, we tracked & identified the time intervals in which the response rates are relatively better for feedback collection and used this insight to schedule survey dispersal reminders on our dashboard. As a result, the average response rate increased from 3% to 10% .
  • Conducted regular POCs to check if changing the format and design of the questionnaire and the respondent communication will lead to a better response rate and a better NPS.
  • Weekly updates/reports shared with SPOCs of different processes. These reports talked about the week’s prevailing trends (response rates, themes in customer comments, input data count, no. of reminders etc) and nudged the process heads to maintain regular inflow & quality of data, focus on improvement areas and understand the strengths of their processes

As a result, the NPS for Policy Purchase improved from 0 to 17 in Q4’21 and that for CS improved from -49 to -39 in the same time period.

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