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Voice of Customer Program - Zykrr

Bharti AXA Life Insurance was formed and it commenced business operations during the second wave of growth in the private insurance space in 2006.

 Voice of Customer Program - Zykrr

Neelakshi Shalla- Head, Transformation Program and Customer Service

Customer Services - Transformation - Risk Management, a learner, People believer, Excellent Stakeholder Management and Ability to lead Cross-functional teams since February 2022

 Voice of Customer Program - Zykrr

Vishwa Advani- Deputy Vice President & Head - Customer Management

Digital Assets Management, CX / Digitization Projects, NPS, Customer Communication, Mystery Audits, Customer Engagement, Ops Process roll-out since June 2022

NPS (net promoter score) is a useful indicator of experience and helps in highlighting both areas that need improvement and areas where strengths should be emphasized. Analyzing multiple customer journeys across multiple touchpoints is an excellent strategy to improve NPS.

The goal of a Net Promoter Score is to learn from what our customers are telling us, to figure out what we're doing well against what we're not, and to set up processes that assure we perform more of the things our customers appreciate and less of the things our customers dislike. Retention and recommendations naturally increase as your Net Promoter Score rises.

Zykrr provides organizations with the tools to evaluate those ratings and improve them, in addition to assisting them in survey distribution and the calculation of their Net Promoter Score. This includes designing survey questionnaires that they are aware would resonate well with the customers, using algorithms to determine when to send them out for the best response rates, and offering a dashboard to track progress in one single platform.

About Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti AXA brings together the strong financial expertise of the Paris-headquartered AXA Group and Bharti Enterprises - one of India's leading business groups with interests in Telecom, agricultural business, and financial services. Presently, the joint venture has a 51% stake from Bharti Group and a 49% stake from AXA, in line with the regulatory framework on ownership in the Insurance sector.

Over the years, Bharti AXA has aimed to deliver a quality experience to its customers. Allocating dedicated resources to close loop customer feedback and incentivise employees for delivering outstanding customer experience, shows their commitment towards customer satisfaction. The organization is customer-centric and intends to provide the utmost importance to its large customer base.

Future Plans

Bharti AXA aims to deliver an enhanced experience and refine its customer journeys by streamlining detractor management more effectively. This would allow each team or department to focus on improvement areas in their respective domain that is under their control, thereby accelerating the rate of improvement across the entire organization.

The organization plans on dedicating its efforts towards its customers’ desires and needs and channelize its energy into developing products best suited to its customer base and servicing its existing customers more efficiently with each passing day.

We, at Zykrr, dedicate all our efforts to ensuring an advanced customer experience solution for our clients and improving their customers’ journey. We take suggestions from our client partners very seriously and work towards them. We aim to keep abreast of creative innovations in this field and provide sharper insights to take CX to a next level.

Zykrr’s solution to Bharti AXA for an enhanced customer experience journey

To deliver a world-class customer experience, Bharti AXA joined hands with Zykrr in 2020. The organization’s committed efforts and Zykrr’s Analytical capabilities to capture VoC and reflect actionable insights on them have helped Bharti AXA achieve its goal.

Using Zykrr’s customer experience management program, Bharti AXA captures the voice of customers, on all aspects of their customer journey; branch visits, complaint closures, contact center calls, online premium payment, policy issuance, refund payout, sales process, service request closure, and digital service feedback.

Zykrr’s analytics not only facilitates a single screen view of NPS and Customer Satisfaction across these various Moments of Truth but also enables Bharti AXA to understand and benchmark the NPS for various segments such as type of service request, zones, states, HNI/Non-HNI customers, mode of payment, method of payment and branches.

Zykrr’s text and sentiment analysis has enabled Bharti AXA to interpret customers verbatim by accurately gauging the tone and sentiment of customers towards their experience with the organization.

Therefore, our customer success program that entails three modules- survey administration that captures the voice of customers, insightful analytics reflecting customers’ experience, and close looping of customer feedback has aided Bharti Axa in their 3+ years of association with us.

In Neelakshi Shalla’s words - Head, Transformation Program and Customer Service -

“We receive customers’ voices from various touchpoints, close looping, and tracking such customer feedback were beginning to be a challenge since we did not have a single platform to effectively manage all of these.

Using Zykrr’s platform, we are now able to get a view of customers’ experience across multiple touchpoints on a single platform. Zykrr’s platform is user-friendly & reflects insightful analytics on various trends. It is smart to not overload you with multiple charts and screens and lets you focus on the right metric.

Zykrr’s detractor management module and automated workflow help Bharti AXA highlight detractors and enable us to share real-time resolutions with customers while tracking these effectively until closure. Valuable Insights along with ready data, that are lean, help us conduct a detailed Root Cause Analysis basis each detractor’s voice. This has also helped identify and plug gaps in our system & make structural changes, when required, to smoothen our customer journeys.”

Neelakshi has been an active advocate of NPS since her early days at MaxLife and believes that in today’s competitive times where product offering is alike across industries, it is only Customer Experience that gives a company a competitive edge. Hence listening to customer voices and providing what they demand is key to success. Customer delight improves retention & those who fail to provide consistent quality service are largely set up for failure.


Bharti AXA’s dedicated team that is driven toward growth and customer experience along with Zykrr’s structured approach of garnering customer feedback, and reflecting actionable insights on them & detractor management has helped Bharti AXA achieve phenomenal growth in terms of overall NPS and close looping detractor feedback. Bharti AXA’s customer handling efforts have made this collaboration a great success.

Akshita Srivastava and Sumana Sharma, the core champions of the NPS program at Bharti AXA, dedicate themselves along with the larger team to manage each and every detractor and close loop the gaps so as to ensure an enhanced customer experience.

In Akshita’s words, “Our team is extremely customer-centric and dedicatedly ensures that every customer’s voice is heard and their sentiments are respected. We call each and every customer who has remotely had an unfavourable experience with us and conduct root cause analysis to understand their specific pain points in order to deliver quick redressal of their grievances. All our customers’ feedback is taken into account with utmost seriousness and we focus on delivering an enhanced experience going forward.”

Sumana addsOur core objective is “Customer satisfaction” and plugging customer’s pain areas by getting clear insights from the Zykrr platform is helping us actualize our objective.”

In the FY 2023, they have made a growth of 52% over last FY and since inception, it’s a jump of 112%. These figures themselves are testimony that the efforts are channelized in the right direction.

“Deep analysis of the various drivers that have the maximum impact on the business, has helped us focus and streamline operations that positively impact customer experience. Segment level NPS analysis has allowed us to internally benchmark and prioritize the various segments to ensure growth across the organization.” Says Neelakshi

We are aligned with Neelakshi’s views on CX. At Zykrr, our objective is to continually enhance the experience management space to facilitate more efficient adoption by organizations worldwide. In the coming years, we aspire to rank among the top three global leaders in the CX Management space for businesses by amplifying the "Voice of Zykrr" in a variety of crucial forums.

Zykrr is concentrating on investing in the newest technologies, people, and global footprints to serve our clients with the best of CX systems. With Zykrr’s success, it is imperative that behind every great product is a great team. Our talented team has helped our company grow manifolds.

In Vishwa Advani’s words - Deputy Vice President & Head-Customer Management- “The team is solution-oriented and proactively shares quick resolutions to any issues faced while handling the platform. The team provides excellent handholding & training for process transition for quick adaptability to the platform. We have been able to understand and serve our customers better, ably supported by Zykrr’s data analytics platform. Vishwa also mentions at BhartiAxa, we also take care of our distributors and agents who are core to us. Hence, we regularly solicit their feedback and attend to them to ensure a richer experience with us.”

Zykrr’s distributor experience management facilitates capturing the voice of distributors across multiple touchpoints such as their onboarding process, payout experience, ease of login, overall experience, and service experience.

Analysis of their journey through Zykrr’s User analytics module has helped in understanding their pain areas thereby minimizing their churn probability. Distributors verbatim are well assessed using Text analytics which has helped in assessing their tone and sentiment while providing feedback on their experience.

“Given our journey and way forward, we want to understand how our customer base would respond to a digital launch. To make this possible, Zykrr helped in setting up a research design and sample size and we were able to quickly get a pulse into real customer feedback for us to take a step further in the right direction” says Vishwa.

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