Transactional NPS (tNPS) to improve Customer Purchase Experience

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Life Insurance

Problem Statement

Major Life Insurance Leader headquartered in North India was facing issues with the authenticity of customer feedback on website experience. This was majorly due to a lag in taking the feedback as the existing model did not have a real-time feedback solution.

How Zykrr delivered impact

  • Integrated with client's internal software and introduced the real- time feedback module by embedding feedback as a pop-up on the website landing page.
  • Enhanced their cross selling opportunity along with embedding feedback in the same page without any redirection to any other tab/browser.
  • The integration with the website was turned around in 2 days and the project was launched in 3 days leading massive impact on the tech-friendly reliability of clients on Zykrr.
  • Initially, we had ‘others’ as a drill down option when trying to funnel for specific issues. Within a month, we identified that more than 60% customers were choosing others. So, we analyzed the customer verbatim for responses received under ‘Others’ and changed the questionnaire to include most prevailing issues in the drill-down options to keep the feedback answers crisp and actionable clear.

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