Drive Omni-channel Customer Centricity Using Zykrr

Zykrr provides a trusted Omni-channel Experience Management Platform

Zykrr is your total Experience Management Platform trusted by leading brands in retail, banking, insurance, telecom, education, airlines, B2B etc.. Our solution captures every stakeholder's voice in your organization to improve your customer experience. Using the ZYKRR experience platform, brands can have a structured approach to managing their customer experiences. This makes it easy for the brands to audit the current state of the customer experience, take appropriate actions by leveraging existing assets, and ensure that they enhance the customer experience across every touchpoint. Zykrr also provides marketers the best customer feedback software with integrated tools for re-marketing efforts. Our platform automatically identifies high-value customers and nurtures them based on their specific experiences with your brand.


Experience Management Platform

Zykrr provides data-driven insights to help businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences across any customer service channel. Experience Management Platform automates the most critical CX management functions to deliver the best experience possible. Here, touchPoint Analytics identifies gaps in your service or product that result in negative customer experiences and automatically fills those gaps with marketing, sales, service automation, or other business activities


Visibility and Control over Omnichannel Experiences

Zykrr is a unified platform that provides real-time visibility, insights, and control over every customer interaction across multiple channels. With Zykrr, you can improve Customer retention and increase revenue with a digital omnichannel experience that's personalized and predictive.


Real-time Analytics and Insights

With Customer Survey tools Zykrr provides customers and employees with real-time insights to improve the customer journey, customer experience, and employee productivity. Zykrr Insights allows businesses to offer a seamless customer experience, driving customer happiness and loyalty. Customers get a better experience because they get real-time personalized interaction. In addition, employees get real-time analytics to improve their performance.


Drive Your Business with Actionable Insights

Get a clear understanding of how your customers interact with your business across all channels and locations, from the initial contact point to purchase. Then, utilize actionable insights to drive improvements, increase customer satisfaction, and drive more revenue from each customer.


Know your customer, serve your employee

Zykrr is a software-as-a-service solution that provides a fully integrated, omnichannel real-time view of a person's journey with a brand, from the moment they first experience it to the moment they advocate it.Supporting Zykrr's sophisticated yet easy-to-use UX is a robust, highly scalable platform that monitors consumer-facing and employee-facing touchpoints through employee engagement software.


Powerful cognitive customer experience management for B2C and B2B companies

Deliver best-in-class customer experiences with a single solution that captures signals, analyzes them, and predicts the future to take action. Built-in with AI and ML, it helps managers make better decisions based on data and insights. Manages customer experience from the first touch to exit. As a result, it helps to improve customer loyalty, retention, and profitability.

Why Zykrr

Zykrr gives businesses a competitive advantage


Loyal Customers

  • Decrease churn
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Reduce cost to serve

Engaged Employees

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Enhance Employee Morale
  • Improve productivity

Brand Advocates

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase market share
  • Improve awareness and perception
Our Enterprise Solutions

Experience a connected user story for your customers

your Customers

your offerings

ROI of initiatives

your touchpoints/ channels

Product & Marketing Mix

Revenue &Profits

Our Design Methodology

Experience Total Solution Design and Implementation


Design & Plan

Design and plan an integrated NPS/CSAT program spanning your customer journey


Deploy & Integrate

Creating real-time feedback listening channels to capture in-the-moment experience


Understand & Predict

Understand and predict performance charter to prioritise actions for change for greatest impact across your value chain.


Respond & Retain

Respond to your detractors and take action for RCA


Transform & Inspire

Roles and access and cross functional CX reviews to drive organisation wide customer centricity with clear accountability and transparency across hierarchies.

Our Presence Across Industries

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Our Platform

Single solution to all your CXM needs

You can plug in multiple modules to experience the complete suite of CX services which enables every outlet/ store unit to review their customer satisfaction and take necessary actions to improve it. Some of the key highlights are:

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