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Put Your Client’s Feedback To Work!

We offer a cutting edge feedback tool that lets you hear from the people who matter



Success of a business just doesn’t come with winning new clients. It is equally important to retain the client, create loyalty and have clear information about what are the challenges faced by the clients throughout the cycle from on boarding till product or project delivery. With innumerable touch points and multiple individual or departments involved in creating client satisfaction or success, it becomes quite difficult to reach the root cause of any problem. In the sprint of meeting the timelines often the client requirement and his needs get ignored.



Zykrr has the capability to be leveraged by anyone and everyone in CX space. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” quote by Epictetus correctly conveys how important listening is over speaking. For CSMs it’s highly important to listen to their clients, organize their responses and analyze them to pull out meaningful insight. Zykrr provides a complete end to end solution for your needs of understanding your client requirement and providing them a solution that is a best fit for their needs.



Whatever is your CS model, Zykrr has the technology that will fit in to your model and will help you in creating a process and metric that makes up your CS strategy. Our CS platform can integrate with your master customer records or any of your internal interfaces helping you create a foundation for a successful customer journey. Customer Success Managers need to work on the principle of continues improvement and provide a value add to their clients for retention, loyalty and engagement. Retention, loyalty, advocacy, digital transformation all require a transparent and simplified feedback mechanism with visual reporting capabilities.



Reward the most promising client engagement solution. We help to break down and identify the factors that are weighing down your performance and the factors that are contributing positively in retaining clients, building relations and generating loyalty. Providing consolidated assessment of where your business stands and how it can be improved to reach the level that you have aimed for. CSAT or client satisfaction survey is the tool which can help you collect specific and purposeful feedback on your product, services or brand. This feedback can help you build insights and can guide business decisions.

What We Offer

Maximize your service levels by optimizing customer experience with uniquely customized CS technology


Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

We at Zykrr understand the complexities of CSMs and the multitude of approaches that can be taken to reach the end target. To make this simpler for Customer Success Managers we have framed diagnostic tools that can help you assess your approach and offer client experience across multiple touch points of interaction with your business and consolidate all the data into interpretable information that can help you make responsible and informed decisions.


Quick And Valuable Insights

We develop our tools with a simplistic approach making them easy to deploy and integrate with your existent data sources. However, the simple tools are equipped with modern and innovative features that help to provide you with instant and incisive reports by analyzing the data from numerous touch points.


Robust Technology

The AI-enabled diagnostic tools we offer are intuitive and cost-effective as well making it the perfect choice for every business to rapidly design an effective approach to capture the market and increase its customer base. The intuitive analytical insights presented by the diagnostics of the various touch point experience helps to build a process roadmap that sorts the impact and plans the deliverance of the output.

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.