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What is Closed-Loop Customer Follow Up?

The development of modem feedback collection systems capable of collecting feedback through multiple channels.Inreal-time, this facilitates brands to tap and track customer grievances and customer sentiment on a much wider scale. However, all this feedback can be useful only when it's acted upon.This is where Closed-Loop Follow Up comes in. It is a systemvia which brands respond to customer feedback and take steps to resolve any issues that crop up enhancing the quality of customer experience and decreasing customer churn.

Use Zykrr’s Closed-Loop Customer Follow up system to address and resolve customer issues in real- time to inflate customer sentiment. Capture and recover unsatisfied customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Closing the loop with customers who had a negative experience should include the following:

  • Collect feedback at multiple touch points and through multiple channels both offline and online
  • Identify negative responses by using customer analytics and big data capabilities
  • Use efficient ticketing and routing systems to channel customer issues and customer grievances to the right employee/team
  • Don't keep your customers waiting and reduce turnaround time in dealing with customer issues
  • Increase customer satisfaction by always closing the loop

Stay ahead of the curve by going beyond just feedback collection and analysis to action-oriented Closed-Loop Follow Up that guarantees a Customer Experience worth remembering

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Customers find it challenging to choose products/services due to multiple offerings and competitive pricing. Identify root causes and use Closed-Loop Follow Up to create brand differentiation, increase customer loyalty and capture customer share of mind by offering a superior customer experience. Show that you care for your customer and make them sticky.

Retain Customers by Closing the Loop

Retain Customers by Closing the Loop

Collect, track and analyze feedback from diverse channels like emails, SMS, chats and website forms and close the loop across devices likes mobiles, desktops and tablets to offer a seamless customer experience. Use NPS® survey along with Closed-Loop Follow Up to isolate detractors and take appropriate actions to convert them to promoters. Automate actions to prioritize grievance redressal and reduce Customer Churn. Uncover patterns in customer churn and automate actions to retain your most vulnerable customers.

Stay Green by Maximizing Revenue

Analyze customer feedback to identify gaps in products/services. Use Closed-Loop Follow Up to address these gaps and improve your product/service offerings to boost customer sentiment, while you overshoot revenue and increase shareholder value by inducing repeat purchase and uncovering upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Involve the Right People

Monitor the customer grievance redressal process to assign employees/teams who can interact with customers to address their issues. Experience is the key driver in increasing brand recall and identity, which makes it critical for brands to offer a superlative customer experience. Closing the loop with the right people with product/service knowledge is important to deal with customers who are reeling from a bad brand experience and are about to spread negative word of mouth. Simplify your case management pipeline by automating actions and predicting issues that your customers might have.

Improve Employee Productivity

With Closed-Loop Follow Up employees get to learn from their mistakes and capture and convert at-risk customers to loyal customers. Exploit the real-time nature of closing the loop to make employees aware of their mistakes while they are still relevant.

Stay Green by Maximizing Revenue

Although the premise of Closed-Loop Follow Up is simple—collecting customer feedback and resolving issues that are identified—it can be difficult to set up an effective closed-loop system. Brands need to use modern customer analytics and automation solutions to get the most out of their closed-loop systems. Analytics will help identify customer issues from the feedback collected and automation, which includes effective ticketing and routing systems.This will ensure that customer grievances and issues are channeled to the right employee. A successful closed-loop system increases customer loyalty and profitability.

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