A satisfied customer is your best influencer

Success of your brick and motor store depends on your customer conversion ratio and conversion ratio is in return dependent on the quality of your product and the customer experience you create. Shoppers expect to be treated right with professional level of service by the store staff. To help them serve efficiently and to create a memorable experience for them Zykrr can work in your support with you. Collect real time feedback to understand how every touch point influences the purchase decision. Use the analytics and insights to empower the managers and train the staff to create customer experience that generates repeated visits. Build an effective marketing strategy to increase the foot fall and hence increase the conversion ratio.

For a shopper every touch point matters and influences the decision making. Zykrr helps you in understanding all the key drivers influencing the decision with post purchase feedback. Know exactly what’s causing the shoppers to dropout. We can help you in customer retention, loyalty, and brand building and employee engagement. Increase your online sales by collecting feedback on what causes cart abandonment. Derive insights into every segment and create personalized experience for your customers.

What We Offer

Incredibly simple, beautiful & innovative feedback solutions at your fingertips!

Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

We at Zykrr understand the complexities of customer experience and the multitude of approaches that can be taken to reach the end target. To make this simpler for every retailer we have framed diagnostic tools that can help you assess your approach and offered customer experience across multiple touch points of customer interaction with your business and consolidate all the data into interpretable information that can help you make responsible and informed decisions.

Quick Valuable Insights

We develop our tools with a simplistic approach making them easy to deploy and integrate with your existent data sources. However, the simple tools are equipped with modern and innovative features that help to provide you with instant and incisive reports by analyzing the data from numerous touch points. Getting direct feedback from the customer doesn’t always give a clear picture of the root cause that hampered the growth of a healthy reliable relationship with the customer. What needs to be done and understood is the reason behind the feedback and identify the steps needed to make an overhaul of the process for the better.

Robust Technology

The AI-enabled customer experience diagnostic tools we offer are intuitive and cost-effective as well making it the perfect choice for every retailer to rapidly design an effective approach to capture the market and increase its customer base. The intuitive analytical insights presented by the diagnostics of the various touch point experience helps to build a project roadmap that sorts the impacts and plans of the deliverance of the projected output.

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