Text Analytics


Every Comment Matters

Getting your customers to share a comment and an answer to your open end question is a tough task. Analyzing it could be even tougher without a correct technology and tool.

Correct Analysis Of A Feedback Can Bring You Closer To Your Customer

Zykrr’s text analyzer can easily interpret the open end responses and derive meaningful data for your fact based decision making.

  • Product review
  • Customer opinions
  • Client Feedback

Zykrr uses statistical pattern learning to find patterns and trends from text data.
Businesses need to review comments and feedbacks received across platforms like website, apps, emails, surveys or social media. It can be a tedious task if done manually, can include biases and human errors. To fill this gap, structure and organize all the unstructured inputs Zykrr’s text analyzer can be of great use. It utilizes many linguistic, statistical and machine learning techniques to attain perfect results and provide you best services across segments.

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