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Being one of the largest industries across globe, travel and tourism contributes over 7.6 trillion US dollar to the global economy. A steady growth has been experienced every year in the sector. To reap the economic benefit of the industry many lesser know countries have also emerged and have started boasting the tourism sector.
With the exponential growth trajectory creating myriad opportunities for the industry players and the competition soaring high it becomes essential to build a niche and have an edge over the rest.
Hospitality industry has been amongst the oldest sectors to understand the importance of customer experience. Feedbacks, data collection, ratings and satisfaction scores have been used time and again to get closer to the customer. With so much data and information available in the space, Zykrr can be your adviser and support in creating a customer success strategy. It’s easy to use UI and centralized structure can bring all your data together and analyze it to provide you a concise data presentation with a granular view to support quick diagnosis.

Overloaded With Features To Make Your Job Easy

  • Our Collaborative Response Manager allows your team to work together and take rapid action.
  • We combine all your guests’ data from multi channels in one interface, making actions streamlined.
  • Leverage our advance algorithms for making decisions based on customer’s data and feedback in real-time.
  • Get real-time notifications and alerts for all action taken and feedbacks collected.
  • Tag low feedbacks and mark those which require follow-ups. Take corrective actions to close the feedback loop.
  • Take feedback using tablet, kiosk, apps, web surveys, SMS and emails on different touch points at multiple locations in multiple languages.

Integrate Zykrr To Your Social Media Pages And Your Digital Assets

With the boom of online travel portals, the volume of reviews and feedbacks has also gone up by multiple folds. It is an arduous task to keep track of detractors and promoters across platforms. Zykrr is the platform with the capability of soliciting all reviews of your guests and help you take corrective action and strategize on converting detractors to promoters.
Our platform can integrate with your existing CRMs, with your website and social media pages.
Feedback across multiple channels like emails, phone, IVRs can also be feed into our system to give them a structure and create insights.

Ensure Seamless Guest Experience

  • Enabling smart analytics and making big data effective for decision making.
  • UX, analytical rigor, innovative design and deep expertise on feedback
  • Best-in-class user centered (in-patent) designs
  • Technology mastery with secure and scalable enterprise grade solutions

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