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Maximize Your Service Levels By Optimizing Customer Experience With Uniquely Customized Customer Survey Software Made Just For Your Business

Zykrr specializes in highly responsive survey tools that give a new and advanced approach to dealing with every important aspect of customer experience or customer satisfaction reviews. With customized questionnaires that encompass the crucial aspects of your business, Zykrr offers the most comprehensive yet simplified customer survey software that help to redefine customer experience for your business.

Why Software For Customer Survey?

Learning about customer experience is critical for the business as it tells you how the customer rates you on the quality and reliability of the product and the efficiency of the service that you have provided. This information can help improve the quality of your product and drive sales and loyalty for your brand.

Regular review of the surveys of customer experience can help every business to meet customer expectations and keep up with the market trends from the customer’s viewpoint.

The advantage of using a software for customer surveys is that it helps you to automate the reach out to the customers for their feedback at every crucial touch point of a customer’s journey from a single point source. With the flexibility to integrate with various platforms, its varied approach encompasses all the customer interactive channels for feedback with the least effort and maximum output.

Why Software For Customer Survey?

Our Key Targets And Features

  • Easy feedback entry: Our customized surveys are created with the most simple and interactive interface that makes it easy for the customers to input their feedback with ease. Its simple questions and answer choices make it easy for people even with basic skills ensuring that you do not miss out on the feedback from anyone. Additionally, you can import and export the data to other programs to utilize it for further processing.
  • Varied types of questions: Our innovative software is equipped with a large library of questions which you can select as per your need through the user interface. The questions can be of multiple-choice questions, numeric questions, text answer questions, grid questions or web survey questions which even include visual data collection as well.
  • Multiple types of survey channels: It allows you to interact with the customers through the surveys in various channels which includes all digital survey modes like mobiles, websites, text messages, in-app surveys, voice captured surveys and others.
  • Analysis and interpretation: The survey software is additionally equipped to interpret the surveys and feedback from the customers to help you analyze the required actions to improve the quality of your product and service and meet and exceed customer expectations. We understand the importance of representation of data for visual understanding and ensure that our software is equipped to analyze and present the data with statistical accuracy.
  • Integration to other platforms: Our system can be easily integrated into the organization’s mainframe ensuring that everyone can have access to the data to understand the required effort to improve their performance.
Customer Survey Software

With our panel of experts in the field of Customer experience, we have designed Feedback solutions that can help take your business to the next level. Our software includes customizable features that can be adjusted to meet your specific business requirements. Our post surveys reports gives an in-depth understanding of your strengths and shortcomings so that you can concentrate your efforts on improving where you lag.

Get more out of the customer satisfaction surveys than just a good or a bad. Get a clearer picture of where you excel and get meaningful insights into how you can emerge a winner by fixing all the features where you are lagging behind from your competitors in the market.

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.