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We offer a cutting edge feedback tool that lets you hear from the people who matter.


The success of business just doesn’t come with getting new customers on board. It is equally important to retain the customers, create loyalty and have clear information about what are the challenges faced by the customer throughout the purchase cycle. Customer reality, when compared to customer expectation, is the actual measure of CX. With so many interpretations of CX, innumerable touchpoints and multiple individuals or departments involved in creating a customer experience, it becomes quite difficult to reach the root cause of any problem. Often teams are focusing on the front liners where in the actual roadblock could be the support system.


Zykrr has the capability to be leveraged by anyone and everyone in CX space.
1) Chief CX officer/CXO while ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything dwells customer-alignment in every nook and cranny of the enterprise.
2) CX manager who is responsible for taking into account the customer reviews, marketing campaigns, social media monitoring.
3) Applications manager who brings out the best designed and developed systems to optimize every touch-point and create a satisfying experience.
4) Analyst(s) who churns all the data captured through Surveys, Social Media, and Online Pages can create a granular presentation with our tool.


Customer Experience teams’ motive is always growth, reduction in the no. of drop outs, create life time valued experience and to establish brand awareness. Retention, loyalty, advocacy, digital transformation all require a transparent and simplified feedback mechanism with visual reporting capabilities.


Reward the most promising customer experience solution in 2019. We help to break down and identify the factors that are weighing down your performance and the factors that are contributing positively in retaining customers and generating loyalty amongst them. Providing consolidated assessment of where your business stands and how it can be improved to reach the level that you have aimed for.

What We Offer

Incredibly simple, beautiful & innovative feedback solutions at your fingertips!

Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

We at Zykrr understand the complexities of customer experience and the multitude of approaches that can be taken to reach the end target.
To make this simpler for every business owner we have framed diagnostic tools that can help you assess your approach and offered customer experience across multiple touch-points of customer interaction with your business and consolidate all the data into interpretable information that can help you make responsible and informed decisions.

Quick Valuable Insights

We develop our tools with a simplistic approach making them easy to deploy and integrate with your existing data sources. However, the simple tools are equipped with modern and innovative features that help to provide you with instant and incisive reports by analyzing the data from numerous touchpoints.
Getting direct feedback from the customer is not always telling of the root cause of the issue that hampered the growth of a healthy reliable relationship with the customer. What needs to be done and understood is the reason behind the feedback and takes steps to identify all the issues and make an overhaul of the process for the better.

Robust Technology

The AI-enabled customer experience diagnostic tools we offer are intuitive and cost-effective as well making it the perfect choice for every business to rapidly design an effective approach to capture the market and increase its customer base.
The intuitive analytical insights presented by the diagnostics of the various touchpoint experience helps to build a project roadmap that sorts the impacts and plans of the deliverance of the projected output.

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