Digital CX

What is Digital CX?

Digital Customer experience or Digital CX refers to each and every digital interaction that a customer has with a brand and the impression that she walks away with. With Customer Interactions across industries ranging from healthcare to education shifting from offline to online, a comprehensive Digital CX program is needed to deal with the disruptions in the entire customer experience management ecosystem.Rapidly changing customer preferences, profiles, touch points and journeys are indicative of the shift. A Digital CX management system is essential for guaranteeing custom-tailored brand experiences that have become the standard for a new-age customer landscape dominated by millennials.

Digital CX initiatives are customer-centric. They include real-time feedback management systems, predictive customer analytics, text and sentiment analysis, session-recording capabilities andClosed-Loop Follow Up. The focus is on tracking the entire customer journey to generate actionable insights to provide an enhanced digital customer experience.

Given that maximum customer engagement and retention now takes place online, the impact of the digital journey of the customer and customer behavior is crucial in shaping brand experience

  • Create feedback systems that aggregate responses from multiple channels and at every junction of the customer journey
  • Uncover patterns and actionable insights into customer behavior using predictive analytics and integrating tools like text and sentiment analysis at multiple points
  • Uncover customer grievances using Zykrr's Customer Survey tools and resolve customer issues in real-time by using *Closed-Loop Follow Up
  • Simplify customer journey and make it easier for customers to interact with your interface by improving your app experience

With an increased access to Internet, there is a greater concentration of customers on online platforms and it becomes very crucial for brands to keep their websites and mobile apps user-friendly

Why Customers Ditch the Cart

Understand why digital prospects don't convert to sales. Generate deep customer behavioral insights using session-recording data and get a clear picture of why customers don't make the final purchase. Tweak your sales process by minutely analyzing every action that the customer undertakes on your website or app.

Hit the Refresh Button for your Offerings

Collect real-time feedback at every digital touchpoint. Rapidly generate feedback about every new product launch or update and use *Customer Analytics on the generated feedback to discover the features that work and those that don't. Get rid of legacy products and create a curated offering to simplify your brand experience.

Intuitive UI Experience

Analyze customer comments using Zykrr's Text Analytics. Zykrr's Text Analytics uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to unravel patterns in natural texts and find critical information on customer profiles and topics of interest to augment customer engagement.This can be used to personalize your brand messaging and your offerings. With NLP you can also monitor customer app reviews and improve your app experience by fixing UI issues.


Work on Captured Insights to Respect Customer Sentiment

Use feedback and insights generated via Zykrr’ssurvey tools and predictive analytics to customize your interactions with your customers, and turn every interaction from a simple and easily forgettable, one-way exchange to a memorable, detailed dialogue that improves customer sentiment.

Interactive Interface is Key

Create a seamless mobile experience by optimizing every facade of the customer journey on your mobile app. Gather rich data on real-time users of your app and discover precisely where your customers are facing problems by constant response generation and issue resolution with Zykrr's Closed-Loop Follow Up. Improve segmentation and targeting by using Customer Analytics on mobile app data.

Why Zykrr’s Digital CX?

Consumers now spend a greater number of hours and money on the Internet. Due to the ease of use and the sheer product diversity available on online platforms, the ecommerce section has grown exponentially leading to new demand graphs and newer technology-backed pegs to lure customers.

Zykrr understands how crucial the online interactive platform has become for establishing a brand in the market. With our simple and modern approach to customer experience, we offer innovative tools to gauge how your business is being conceived by your customers at various touchpoints of interactions.

The sheer volume of data collected and analyzed expose product/service gaps making new product launches and product improvements efficient. In essence, a successful Digital CX program creates a virtuous cycle with the customer at the center but taking into account relevant stakeholders.

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.