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Kickstart with Zykrr Customer Experience Management Engine
  • 22
  • September
  • 2022

Investing in Customer Experience benefits your brand in by retaining customers and increasing revenue. It is therefore no longer a luxury, but a necessity for every organization to survive in a competitive environment.

“Businesses are now differentiating themselves with the customer experience they are providing to their customers”

Why do we invest in Zykrr’s Customer Experience Management solution?

For starters, we aim to identify the key pain points in specific journeys and channels that impact your customer's experience thereby reflecting in your Net Promoter Score.

Let’s say, for a pharmaceutical company, feedback collected from medical representatives, doctors on board, and internal teams such as Marketing and Sales are key touchpoints. The key drivers that determine the experience of medical representatives are a smooth onboarding process, delivering product knowledge, incentivizing their efforts, etc.

Another example could be for an insurance organizanisation, issuance, claims and renewals are important touchpoints. The key drivers impacting the experience with issuance could be documentation and onboarding customers.

With our customer experience platform, we can help you determine which channel has the highest and the lowest impact on your business as well as the areas within each driver you must focus on to improve your customer journey.

How will an improvement in a certain customer journey impact your revenue?

Here is a simple correlation between loyal customers and increased revenue.

  • A sound customer experience management platform will validate the enriched customer experiences that you are providing thereby turning more customers into ‘loyal’ customers.
  • Loyal customers tend to come back to your brand for repeat purchases and recommend your brand to others. Hence loyal customers contribute to your organization’s revenue growth.

A widely recognized metric called Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) supports the following concept as it talks about the average revenue you can generate from customers over the entire lifetime of their account. In simple terms, it is the money you would make from a customer before churning.

How to kickstart with Zykrr?

Our goal is to provide actionable insights through a highly advanced end-to-end customer experience management solution that drives better decisions.

Here’s how your journey to onboarding Zykrr’s CX solution would be:

  1. CX Design Workshop:
    • We define top-line metrics linked to the desired outcome.
    • Understand customer journeys; high and low-impact touchpoints
    • Identify and map key operational metrics with customer journey
    • Zykrr’s Project Team identifies/defines survey questions, respondent base, alert triggers & designs the final content
  2. Launching a Pilot Program:
    • Adopt key modules for the program namely:
      • Predictive Analysis helps in predicting the top KPIs of your business and the areas within these KPIs that you should focus on to improve your brand's Net Promoter Score (NPS®). It also removes KPIs that are insignificant to your business.
      • Text and Sentiment Analysis where industry-specific algorithms detect the tone and sentiments of customers verbatim
      • User Analytics module which predicts churn rate of customers and metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) using its machine learning models which have been trained on regression techniques.
    • No integration of PI data is required for the pilot study unless required for analysis
    • Launch a pilot study to determine Zykrr’s capabilities at a minimum subscription cost
  3. Discuss the next steps for the Full-Time Program:
    • Zykrr’s AI-ML equipped analytics engine delivers impressive insightful analysis which will surely help you deliver the best quality customer experience. Post the pilot program, based on your experience with us, we will be setting up further workshop sessions to design how we can enrich the study for your long-term CX solution.

Please write to us at to know more.

Looking forward to aligning forces!

*Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld

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