CX Is A Journey

CX Is A Journey
  • 09
  • September
  • 2021
“Customer Experience can never be consistent across any parameter that defines it.”

With every passing moment the need changes, sometimes invariably and at times drastically as well. So one can never maintain that same satisfaction level with the product of what they had the first time. Even if the product remain consistent throughout, there is a tendency to match the experience to the first impression of the product that led them to buy it again.

CX is an expression that changes every time a customer uses the product. It is a human nature and psychology to find the difference in every time of its use. So every other time the experience will differ. At all the interactions of the customer with the product opens a leeway for the company to connect to them. You can’t think your customers stop using your product and so is the journey with them lasts forever.

“Just keep loving your customers for them accompanying you on your road to success.”

There are different touch points where a company holds an opportunity to connect to a customer. Starting with the very first, when the demand occurs, the company senses the utilization of the products and opt to go for a market survey which envisions the next step process and product through which they can proceed in further accomplishment of the product of the best quality that the company can fabricate. Hence, company ask customers, what do you need? This question is often asked by most of the companies as this lays the foundation of the product development. It is called as the market research and survey.

Secondly, when the customer buys the product from any point of purchase, the company gets another chance to interact with their customers where company’s responsibility is to ask, would you like to buy our product? The answer to this question is the customer experience. This gives a fair idea of what right things are you doing above your competitors on that period of time.

Now, at this moment, companies are trying to engage their customers with all their efforts. So, even if you are able to connect to more than the half of the customers who purchases your product and then help you with their feedback, you are doing a fantastic job. This has been set as a goal to get maximum responses from the customers. But does the customer’s experience ends with their purchase?

No, This is where you need to push for an extra mile that can do wonders for you and also for your customers. The companies do all the extra efforts it demands to connect to the customer but one more step initiated by the company starts a relationship with the customers that is priceless not just to the company but also to the customers. It represents a care towards their need and therefore care for them.

Once the customer starts using your product, he needs services and maintenance after a span of time that a company better know. What if a company reminds the customers of the time? A few companies have started doing this, which helps you to identify the real product performance check after a considerable time period. The CX obtained at this stage acts as a driving force for the companies as they well might find the boost about the product performing exceedingly well, or they identify some real stressed areas to work for improvements sooner than the market repels it.

The next question that holds the utmost importance that a company must ask their customers is, did you like the product? It is the greatest revelation to the triumph over the customer’s hearts. The real time tracking of the answers if continuously recorded in a manner that can well be reported in the form of powerful driving strategies for the future of the company then the company will soon be running on insights rather than theories.

After building a relationship with the power source of your company, the customers,”it is important to keep the rhythm alive and thrilled”

The company must ensure that for their product, there is no one but you in the minds of your customers. This is possible with a gentle reminder after some point of time, additional information is served to them, with next service, exchange offers, restoration or the reminder to buy a new product by the time asking, would you like to grab any of the deal, especially for an existing customers? This time you will engage the customers for a lifetime if they buy back from you. And thence the whole journey will start afresh with a new product for the golden old special customers of your company.

“On every stage you get to know how your product is performing in real situations”

and customers don’t just test it, they exploit every bit of it. So talking to them about the product at any stage or level, they pinpoint the areas that need to be worked on. The demand of the product decides its survival for the time and the demand originates from the customer end. With the help of all the market survey and researches, it is plausible to make a product based on top of that.

“There is always a single goal to receive feedback from your customers”

but the goals are always modified and escalated to another level. Battling through the challenges and winning over all the goals reward you with plenty of happy customers. Thereafter, a customer’s happiness is no longer a challenge but responsibility of a company.

“It is very well known that tapping CX seems to be one of the most challenging tasks for every company.”

But the real challenge is to sustain a feedback culture where your customers hold a responsibility to connect back to the company every time they use your product. So even if you have succeeded to capture your customer’s experience for a few times you need to carry this for your future as well and so do follow the inevitable bond of the customers and the company in the form of a relationship with miles to run together ahead.

CX is that voice of your customer that derives improvements in your product directly called by your consumers, hence ignoring it might be a risk to chance on assumptions that may not hold true for a longer run. And for that you need to keep listening intently for the everlasting journey.

Customer Experience is not goal but a continuous journey.

Happiness is not a destination it is a journey.

Happiness is Customer experience.

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