May Be Your Customer Isn’t Trying To Save Money?

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May Be Your Customer Isn’t Trying To Save Money?
  • 09
  • September
  • 2021
What delights your customer? Is it always to save money, find a lesser price than usual, discount or coupons? Being a customer, would you spare some extra money or would like to pay a little more for a delightful experience?

Yes, oh yes! I would definitely spend some to receive some special treatment. May not be always but frequently, yes! Then what it is if not money?

The whole world is evolving supersonically where millions of ideas are taking shape every passing moment, we all seek and demand changes in everything that happens to us. It is not always that money matters the most, there are occasions where you want to go beyond a normal experience, and wish to get something that amuses you, like to be served well and treated like a queen (because the customer is the queen, but is she really?)

Have you ever got a vibe not to buy something ordinary at the grocery mart, today? Sometimes it feels boring and regular stuff, so you try to go unorthodox and go for a change of taste. Perhaps, what if your customers also want a change of taste?

They would actually demand a better and a unique experience.

I am a daily customer of a cab aggregator and I try to save every penny to book a regular cab even if it asks me to wait. But if I am in a hurry and rushing to the airport to catch a red-eyed flight and can’t afford to drop that, I won’t ever try to risk it. In Spite of this, I would rather book a premium cab which arrives on time for any immediate booking as well.

Or sometimes more than anything we love getting respect and care. It is a feeling above everything. If it can heal the scars and failures, then what wonders can it do if practiced every single time? Don’t you love getting loved by the companies you get associated with? But are you delivering it to your customers at all the points?

But if you are able to produce delightful experiences at all such interaction points then you are laying a solid foundation for a long term relationship. You have got to value all the interaction points and keep learning from your customers about what all they want above discounts.

And would you believe that most of the times all your customer want is to get heard.

(Ask us, it is real easy!) Have you ever tried to speak to them? Or will you speak to them after reading this? I really hope you do. Who knows who speaks may speak fortunes for you and make your day!

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