Measuring Employee Satisfaction To Improve Productivity.

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Measuring Employee Satisfaction To Improve Productivity.
  • 27
  • November
  • 2021

The Morrison management studies show that a 2% increase in employee engagement leads to a 1% increase in customer satisfaction. The same report suggested that 93% of the engaged employees are clear about the organizational goals and therefore, there is a better chance of making customers understand the product if they need help. The above figures show the critical role of employee satisfaction in improving the profitability of a business. To ensure that business keeps a tab on the employee satisfaction level, businesses rely on customer experience survey software. While their area large number of such software available in the market, one that has attracted the attention of both public, as well as private organizations, is the Zykrr customer feedback management software.

Why You Should Survey Your Employee Satisfaction?

According to Doug Conant, the CEO of Campbell’s Soup “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”.As a businessperson, whatever you have planned for your organization, it has to be implemented with the help of your employees. Therefore, it makes sense that you should have an insight into what your employees are thinking so that you can motivate them to boost productivity. Customer survey tools like Zykrr not only allows you to measure the satisfaction level of the employees in your organization but also find out how the employees view the management. Such a tool can not only help you to get insight into employee satisfaction but can also be customized for various other tasks. For example, if you are in the health sector, then you can customize this software as a patient satisfaction survey tool to know more about the quality of service that is being offered to the patients.

Why Choose A Customer Survey Tool?

A powerful survey tool like the Zykrr is highly customizable. Your app HR experts can design specific templates that are ideal for your organization. It uses a questionnaire to get detailed info regarding thus satisfaction level of your employees. The tool offers an extensive design option and comes with a neutral third party confidentiality protocol that ensures the security of the information that you have collected through it.


We believe that the advantages we have shared with you about a customer survey tool will help you make up your mind whether it is the best way to gain insight into the customer satisfaction of your organization.

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