The Pen Unspoken

The Pen Unspoken
  • 09
  • September
  • 2021
A flawless experience of a pen nurtured a bond in Red’s heart. Solely the pen captivated her mind and enlightened her notions. But as it is said “Everything changes but change”, the delight turned to a plight. A disheartened girl waits for time to answer her helplessness…

The pen unspoken.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a customer….

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a customer….

Red bought a pen, it looked sleek and was handy to write, from PenCom. The pen was fairly in her budget, at least a good pen is a must for the exams in this week. The new morning, a fresh page leads the pen to roll its ball. It glided smooth, and silent. Flawless handwriting was complemented from the pen and it stroke the right strings and notions in her head too. The pen lasted long, long enough to leave an impression on Red’s mind “The designer must have been of the top notch.”

A brilliant first experience made her save some money for buying it again, ‘coz she just felt like her fingers crystallized on the grip. Red bought it again, it costed a little more than before but she didn’t care much. It was as efficient as it has been ever before. She feared to share the pen, as Red was afraid that it might share her thoughts and sights too. “I wish I could have greeted to PenCom for such a beauty”, Red thought

The pen became constant for a while, then she found the latest pen slipping in her fingers. It was inconvenient to write as fast as before. Red bought a new one and had the same problem. Red compared it with the old sterile pens she used to keep, and she recognised a minor change in the design. The grip was shortened. Knowing the problem, she tried to adjust but it brought a change in the hand writing which was bad.

It was confident and satisfactory emotion held with it until this little tweak. She was getting reluctant to use it but something was changed which agitated her to once rebuy a different pen but was it over with PenCom? Her attachment to the pen became a source of imagination. Pencom was not just about pens, it was renowned stationery brand. A pen product was just a meagre part of it. But the only source to reach out to the company was through an e-mail, which she had posted a while ago but haven’t got a reply. She was getting consumed by a thought that how a pen could become so much valuable? Moreover, she was agitated on not getting addressed on her query. But what else she could have done? There might be something she could not comprehend.

Would you like to help her out from the misery by suggesting a way out of it? Shouldn’t it matter much to her and give up the thoughts for a pen? Or still wait for the company to respond? You can reply her directly or generate another request to the company. And if there is another way out, please mark your suggestion.

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