Unveiling the Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Beyond the Financial Impact of CX

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Unveiling the Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Beyond the Financial Impact of CX
  • 17
  • November
  • 2023

In the dynamic Customer Experience (CX) landscape more is needed to focus on the financial gains or the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Stakeholders yearn for a deeper understanding, a comprehensive breakdown beyond the surface-level impact of a new CX platform. As CX leaders, our mission extends far beyond demonstrating that we're 'paying back' the investment – we must connect the dots between CX and the intricacies of our company's operations. For instance, start with looking at our four core stakeholders - CFO, Product Manager, Service Teams and the Senior Leadership team.

  1. Understanding the CFO's Language Pretty visuals or gut feelings don't sway Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO). They want cold, factual data. This is where calculators play a crucial role, answering the questions that keep the financial wheels turning: "What are you saving me?" and "How much do you want from me?" It's about translating the language of CX into the language of numbers.
  2. Meeting Product Managers' Curiosity Product managers are on the front lines, and they're curious. "What are you expecting us to do with the data?" they ask. It's about clarifying expectations, aligning CX goals with product strategies, and ensuring every nugget of customer insight contributes to product enhancement.
  3. Empowering Service Teams Service teams seek the nitty-gritty details: "How will the data be used to improve customer service and impact existing support staff and processes?" It's about empowering them with the tools and insights needed to revolutionize customer support, making it more efficient and customer-centric.
  4. The senior executive team isn't interested in micro-details; they want the grand narrative. "Will our customers be happier? Will they advocate for our product? What's the Cost to the business?" The holistic mapping of all the stakeholders will come into perspective – examining how CX affects the business's financial, customer, and employee facets.

    In the ever-evolving CX landscape, let's move beyond financial impact; let's aim for transformative change. The three-lenses approach isn't just philosophy; it's the compass guiding your CX program to genuine, company-wide success.

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