Importance of patience experience during Covid times


Many in the health management will argue how positive online patient reviews will help in increasing the practice of a doctor or any other healthcare worker.
To understand this, you have to look at the statistics that says nearly 88% of the consumers look at the online review before they make a final decision regarding which hospital to go and which doctor they should visit.
If you resolve the problems that are raised through the customer feedback management software that you have installed in your organisation, then it would improve the quality of the service, which in turn would help you get good reviews from the patients.
The modern healthcare sector has progressed from provider-centric to patient-centric. Therefore, you should know how online review could mould the opinion of any patient or their family. Nowadays, the healthcare sector sees the patient as a consumer who demands the best possible experience. If you can provide them with high-quality services, then you can improve your margins by nearly 50%.
The question now is how the customer experience survey software gathers data regarding the patient experience in the hospital.
1). Give a survey questionnaire to the patient about their experience regarding different services provided by the hospital.
2). You must have a quality inspector in your hospital who will regularly interact with other patients to understand their needs, any problems they are facing. All the information collected by him/her should be put into the software database so that it could be analysed to identify the problem areas.
3). You can also give a questionnaire to the family members of the visitors of the patient so that you get an overall view of their experience when visiting your hospital.


If you follow these steps and act on the patient feedback in a time-bound manner, then the quality of your hospital service will improve dramatically, resulting in an improved reputation of the hospital in the market leading to the higher margin.

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