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What is Online Reputation Management?

Reputation management has always been critical for brands. Earlier reputation management meant organizing public events, liaisoning with journalists to generate positive reviews and taking out print and TV ads—methods that come under the purview of offline reputation management. However, with the advent of Internet the mode of interaction between brands and customers changed from a one-way process to a two-way exchange. This has made Online Reputation Management (ORM) indispensable for brand survival.

Build an online reputation that distinguishes your brand from your competitors by garnering positive customer reviews and addressing negative reviews

  • Track customer reviews and comments across social media platforms
  • Stay on top of negative feedback and stop it from escalating and causing damage
  • Get key insights from customer reviews by using top-of-the-line text analytics and build surveys that make your customers post reviews on social media platforms increasing brand visibility and engagement
  • Use NPS® and Closed-Loop Follow Up to identify dissatisfied customers or detractors and address and resolve customer issues

Use responsive surveys, Closed-Loop Follow Up and evolving text analytics to manage and improve your Online Reputation

Track Social Media Imprints

In this day and age, with increasing access to on-the-go devices like mobiles and tabs and access to unlimited data, customers are increasingly engaging with your brand on social media channels. Customer reviews have become critical when it comes to building a positive online reputation that retains existing customers and acquires new ones. Monitor customer reviews and comments that customers post on various platforms and track your Digital Customer Experience. Build easy-to-understand feedback modes to make your customers share their experiences online. Invite social media influencers and opinion makers to review your products and services and share them on social media.

Track Social Media Imprints

Bust the Bubble of Negative Reviews

Dissatisfied customers immediately post negative comments after having a negative experience with your brand. Negative customer reviews can have serious impact on your reputation and impact your bottom line especially when brands are not proactive in addressing undesirable experiences that customers had in the quickest time. Control the narrative that your unhappy customers build by engaging with them and avoiding ripple effects that such reviews have.

Adopt Text Analytics to Crack Customer Sentiment

Get actionable insights by interpreting user comments using text analytics. Analyze massive volumes of unstructured, open-ended feedback to reveal gaps in product offerings, customer engagement and customer service. Understand customer sentiment and feelings that lie hidden in natural text and build highly personalized and responsive conversations with them.

Leverage NPS® to Turn Detractors into Happy Customers

Use NPS® to categorize your customers into promoters and detractors. Engage with your detractors and make it visible to your entire customer base that your brand cares about those who were left dissatisfied with your brand experience. Understand the drivers that cause negative experiences and create automated alerts to prioritize detractors. Isolate customer issues and close the loop with your most vulnerable customers.

The customer of today lives in the digital world. Every experience, be it a positive one and even more so if it is a negative one, especially if it is shared in real-time with millions on social media platforms. With information no longer difficult to access and choices that keep on increasing, it has become very easy for a customer to simply leave your brand for a competitor. Online Reputation Management will help you to induce customers into making positive reviews and deal with negative experiences across multiple social media platforms. It will also help you with managing stray negative experiences that don't reflect your overall Customer Experience program.

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