Reactions Over A Feedback

  • 09
  • September
  • 2021
Encapturing views and opinions through our platform lead us to interact with various flavours of people. From sweet to sour, we get to listen to possibly all of them. We fabulously learnt about the culture that has developed around the idea to give and take feedback. At times,”it emerges as a challenge to explain about the need of feedback” and the value that it holds and “sometimes we get to learn back from the people too.”

People love to interact, but they need a chance. Some are like a Juice Can, where you just need to open them up and they will serve you with freshening feedback. While some are like rubber balls who bounces away in just a little push.

“But you won’t ever get to know till you ask about it”

Let’s look at a few reactions from people while we asked them to give a feedback.

1. What? Forget it!
They are the ones who think that ‘time is money’ and if they don’t get anything, you can’t expect a revert from them. The celebrities in their lives.

2. I will definitely, once I reach home.
Once you catch them, they just want to escape. They will always have a red eye flight to catch. These people just promise to run away through the situation.

3. Oh, can I do this?
The window shoppers. They will just do it once they get to know that it won’t cost them anything but indeed will be praised for that. They keep an eye on you in the event and just await your question.

4. Yes please.
The contented ones. The most busy around the corner always occupied with some guests or work but once you ask them to give you time, they don’t deny.

5. NO. Thanks.
They are curious to know what it is, but they don’t wanna invest their time. They require some personal attention and care to convince about letting you know how they felt. But it surely consume your time with no certainty of responses.

6. I have already filled it.
Oh yeah! If you are the one, you very well know the responsibility you hold as a customer or an attendee or a participant. These are also, the technically advanced and alert people around, who are always a step ahead.

7. It just takes too much of time.
It demands an effort to generate a feedback response and they put it all to help you out, but still impatient to just end it somehow. One can only a limited time from them and if they could not complete the feedback, they put themselves on flame and will blame you for taking just too much of their time.

8. Was this that simple?
If you are one of them, we love you! They participate sincerely and urge for any further involvement in sorting us with our feedback responses. It’s nothing too much from them. And they are happier to connect to you. Also, they are the maximum number of contributors who keep the feedback culture alive.

Each type of response is as important for the company as every link in the chain. They all add up to help you with such brilliant exposures your product or service made on them. And working with them is an amazing exposure to test your skills to avail their responses.

“Diversity sustains a culture with thousands of expressions.”

Remember the last time you gave a feedback. Share with us how you felt?

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