The Pulse Of Your Audience

  • 09
  • September
  • 2021
Conference have the basic idea to spread the knowledge and present wide opinions from thought leaders. A conference is built completely from community of speakers and the attendees. The speakers themselves are attendees and they are powerful opinionated intellectuals who present advanced ideas; what have been strong pillars of present or visions of future.

Though the audience is random from different spheres who come to attend a conference to gather advanced information from the esteemed speakers and gain interactions with networking about their businesses too. Some factors become really important for the organizers to cater collectively for all the visitors. Few of them may be the choice of speakers, highlight of the conference, relevance of subjects, networking opportunities and so on. But it’s really important to provide a value for money and time for each participant. And if you’re gonna repeat, definitely you’ll need to bind them in and give a pleasurable experience to attend them back again and make it even bigger.

Having so different needs from such a different set of people, it is really difficult to reach out personally and ask about their individual experiences of various sessions or activities. So even after our best efforts they always have something to tell us about, what can be the areas of improvement and the overexposed areas. And,

“It’s only us who fall short to receive our customer’s views.”

There is a lot of feedback coming from the other side, but either we bottleneck the channel of we don’t even try to hear from them.

“Think about it, the time you will spend on churning to plan the next deliverables, your audience tells you all.”

The real challenge is to continuously engage the crowd and to expect a feedback from them. It exaggerates when the time to fill the feedback is more and it becomes more of an after event formality. Moreover, if the procedure is complicated, they tend to leave it in between and sometimes skip important points you want them to concentrate upon. So, you need to take care for the value of the time of the person who is participating in your campaign and make it exciting.

To sum up, key challenges for conference/event feedbacks:
a) To generate awareness towards becoming a responsible participant and value of their feedback.
b) To help attendees highlight and expose the real improvement areas, so as to act continuously and produce great customer experiences.

“For conferences feedback is a tailormade tool that will continuously feed the organisers what is next on the list”

and what can be the subjects that not only pull the fresh crowd but also appeals the previous participants to attend again. This ensures the surge and refinement in the quality audience and hence of the conference.

What you get:
– Device agnostic feedback technology
– Session wise, day wise, tracks, overall feedbacks reports
– Feedbacks on KPIs that matters to you
– Instant feedbacks
– Response tracker
– Simple and beautifully branded feedbacks
Probably listening to all the participants may not deliver the next conference 100 percent flawless but it does help to lead you the way to continuously improve to deliver wonderful experience.

“Applause does say it all, so always urge to get more of it while listening intently to what’s more on their mind.”

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