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It is very difficult to focus on all areas in your business at once. This is why we have predictive analytics for you.
Predictive analytics helps you decide which areas to focus on that will boost your NPS® score.

Zykrr’s Predictive Analytics uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to find patterns between your data and predicts keywords or areas that impact your NPS® the most and least.

“Without Data Analytics Companies Are Blind And Deaf Wandering Out Onto The Web Like Deer On A Freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

Areas Where Predictive Analytics Shine

  • Understanding your customer’s better
  • Improving your business
  • Real-time analysis of data
  • Reducing churn rate
Just knowing the areas to focus on isn’t enough. Zykrr’s Predictive Analytics lets you tune your CSAT scores and see how it impacts the NPS® just like predicting the future with the best data science available.


Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.