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Measuring Employee Satisfaction To Improve Productivity.

John Rampton, online marketing guru said, “It’s a challenge to grow professionally and move up the corporate ladder when you’re not receiving feedback on your performance”.

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How Customer Analytics Helps Your Business?

An effective survey tool like the Zykrr software not only gives you

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Importance of patience experience during Covid times

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. The strict lockdown

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May Be Your Customer Isn’t Trying To Save Money?

What delights your customer? Is it always to save money, find a

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CSAT And Net Promoter Score. Why Together?

The customer reaction and responses are metered vigorously. Especially since when everything...

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Net Promoters Score

When you are curious to know how well you have bonded with

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CSAT Score – Customer Satisfaction KPI

Customer Satisfaction Score is a barometer that indicates how satisfied your customers

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